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Free Class Action Resources 


White Paper: Cy Pres Trends in Class Action Lawsuits

With roots in trust law, the doctrine allows for a gift in circumstances where the recipient no longer exists, fulfilling their wish as nearly as possible. In the class action context, the cy pres doctrine allows for the distribution of unclaimed settlement funds to charitable causes, whose causes indirectly benefit the injured class. Read now.

On-Demand Webinar: Navigating the Class Action Settlement Process from Start to Finish

This presentation that walks through the settlement process from beginning to end, using proven strategies for success in a free on-demand webinar, Navigating the Settlement Administration Process from Start to Finish. Watch Now.

eBook: Tools for Navigating the Settlement Process from Start to Finish

From detailed checklists to in-depth white papers, this eBook is everything you need to fill your tool belt. Whether you're new to the class action space or a seasoned class action litigator, you'll find use for this free resource. Download now.


Guide: Email Trends Impacting Class Action Settlements

From handling class data to learning about how updates to technology impact how we interact with email, this free guide covers everything you need to know about email for your class action notice campaign and how to avoid costly obstacles. Read now.

Quick Reads for Class Action Attorneys
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What Should I Expect in a Class Action Settlement Fairness Hearing?

A class action fairness hearing is the court’s final opportunity to determine whether the proposed settlement is fair, reasonable, adequate, and not based on collusion. Read more.

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Rule 23: Resources and News

Rule 23 changes are officially in effect. Are you prepared? Amendments to Rule 23 include language that places digital class action notice on par with U.S. mail. In addition the amendments require additional information from counsel ahead of preliminary approval, impose objection limitations, and clarify final-settlement criteria. Read more.

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What is the Class Action Fairness Act?

CAFA, created in 2005, requires defendants to notify state and federal regulators of any proposed settlement and to provide regulators with at least 90 days to review the proposed settlement before final approval can be granted.  Read more.

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What to Know Before an MDL Hearing

Uncover the unknowns of the US Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation (MDL) hearings held several times a year to determine whether cases spanning several jurisdictions should be consolidated to one federal district for pretrial proceedings. Read more.

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What Types of Settlements Exist in Class Action Lawsuits?

There are several ways class action settlement funds are divided and distributed among class members. The distribution method is spelled out in the settlement agreement. Read more.

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How Consulting With an Administrator Early Saves Time and Money

Consulting with a settlement administrator prior to filing preliminary approval may shed light on potential obstacles in steps such as the plan of allocation, class definitions, and more. Read more.


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6 Reasons to Partner With Heffler for Settlement Administration

Our clients work directly with our leadership from the first handshake through the end of a case. Cases are not passed down to junior employees, and our leaders are well-versed in every single aspect of the settlement administration. Read More.

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