In Re: Elk Cross Timbers Decking Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation

A product liability claims-made settlement

GAF Decking Case Study Cover-1

In this claims-made settlement, Plaintiffs alleged that Cross Timbers Decking, DuraLife Decking, and Railways Railings manufactured between 2002 and 2012 were defective, prone to splitting, warping, swelling, shrinking or surface decay and to developing pervasive mold, mildew or fungal growth. Defendant GAF Materials Corporation (GAF) denied fault, wrongdoing and liability, but agreed to the MDL settlement to avoid expensive and protracted litigation.

Our team member’s unique and extensive experience of serving as a Special Master in other cases played an important role in the decking claims process. It also allowed Heffler to provide comprehensive services that addressed every aspect of this building materials settlement administration.

Heffler Claims Group’s experience with all aspects of building materials settlement administration allowed our team to offer a wide range of services for this case.

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