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In addition to our free on-demand webinar, Cybersecurity Considerations for Class Action Attorneys in a COVID-19 Worldthe Heffler Leadership team and our colleagues at Kroll compiled several free resources for class action attorneys.

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Free Resources 


eBook: Tools for Navigating the Settlement Process from Start to Finish

From detailed checklists to in-depth white papers, this eBook is everything you need to fill your tool belt. Whether you're new to the class action space or a seasoned class action litigator, you'll find use for this free resource. Download now.


Guide: The Cyber Threat Landscape

In this guide, Kroll experts share collective insight spanning the public and private sectors, different parts of the world, and diverse industry backgrounds and experience of more than 40 years investigating and responding to cyber incidents.ow to avoid costly obstacles. Read now.


Settlement Administrator Proposal Comparison Tool

Heffler created an easy-to-use template for attorneys to use during the bid process to better compare settlement administration proposals. This tool enables you to easily identify potential hidden fees and other costly pitfalls. Download now.


Case Study: Expanding Notice in Data Breach Settlements

Heffler's services on this case included receiving, analyzing, and cleaning the class data list to ensure adequate notice and distribution. Our role proved to be significant for both the class and the defendant and resulted in a near 100% class reach. Read now.

Quick Reads 

The COVID-19 Coronavirus – Sustaining IT Operations In a Crisis

With COVID-19 recognized as a pandemic, it’s time for every information technology group in the world to look at key “what if” questions—what if COVID-19 (or something like it) directly impact regions where our people or facilities are located? Read more.


4 Questions to Consider When Preparing Class Member Data

Verifying class data, rolling out data security, and deciding upon the best notice strategy to satisfy due process can all be overwhelming tasks without the right program and personnel in place, especially if the data is received late in an already compressed timeline. Read more.


Mitigating Fraudulent Claims in Class Action Settlements

Fraudulent claims filed in class action settlements potentially waste settlement money, which impacts both sides of the aisle and in the end negatively effects class members. Combating fraud requires a mix of technology and strategy.  Read more.

Woman paying with smartphone by NFC

The Importance of Electronic Payments Amid COVID-19

Getting to a bank to cash a check is not a priority or even an option for many class members during these times. Benefit distribution through electronic payment is an alternative many attorneys are already considering to ensure successful disbursement. Read more.


Kroll COVID-19 Heat Map

Leveraging data from approximately three dozen analysts around the globe, this heat map provides a snapshot of forecasted economic impacts of the pandemic and government pandemic-related restrictions across multiple geographies and sectors.

Read more.


ISO Certification and What it Means for Your Class Action Settlement

Class action settlement administrators have an important responsibility to meet the highest data security standards possible and be able to prove so through third party validation. Read more.


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