2019 is one for the books.

First and foremost, thank you!  2019 has been an unforgettable year for Heffler Claims Group, and we want to thank our amazing clients, subscribers, and partners for helping make it happen.

As a new member of the Duff & Phelps family, our expanded resources, certifications, and capabilities have further strengthened our firm commitment to client service.

We're not stopping there, as 2020 is shaping up to be even more promising. Heffler is launching new technology solutions and processes that promise to increase efficiency and compliance even further for our clients.

But before we say goodbye until the new year, we wanted to share a collection of our most popular class action resources, tools, and more from 2019. 

We'll be creating more class action industry resources in 2020 and welcome your input! Have an idea for something you would find useful? Just let us know at connect@hefflerclaims.com. 


2018 HCG Year in Review-3

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Class Action Resources


Tools for Navigating the Settlement Process from Start to Finish

From detailed checklists to in-depth white papers, this eBook is everything you need to fill your tool belt. Whether you're new to the class action space or a seasoned class action litigator, you'll find use for this free and informative resource. Download now.

Settlement Administration Proposal Comparison Tool

It can be difficult to truly compare proposals form different class action settlement administrators. Use this free, proposal template to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison during the settlement administrator selection process. Download now.

Case Study: Rocky Flats Environmental Settlement

Though the action began in 1990, the $375 million settlement distribution work did not commence until 2016. Heffler Claims administered the settlement at the end of this highly complex and decades-long litigation. Download now.


Developments in the Applicatoin fo the Cy Pres Doctrine

In the class action context, the cy pres doctrine allows for the distribution of unclaimed settlement funds to charitable causes, whose causes indirectly benefit the injured class.. Read now.

Heffler's Most Popular Insights from 2019 


8 Things to Consider for Your Class Action Website

Sometimes, the case website is the only interaction a claimant will have with important case information. But what does it really take to stand up a settlement website, and what should attorneys be looking for from a settlement administrator?  Read more.

Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room

How Is Your Class Action Settlement Impacted by the New Northern District Guidelines

These guidelines, which are the most detailed in any court system in the country, outline expectations for settlement administrators as well as class counsel.  Find out more in this question and answer session with industry veterans and Heffler Senior Directors Jim Prutsman and Ed Radetich. Read more.

Mitigating Fraudulent Claims in Class Action Settlements

Combating fraud requires a mix of technology and strategy. It’s important to keep in mind that the claims process should still be as simple as possible for class members but taking the steps to mitigating fraud ensures a fair and secure process. Read more.


Securities Class Action Core Filings are Trending Upward, Study Finds

Securities class action filings not related to mergers and acquisitions are reaching record levels due to more unpredictable markets. In addition, the study found an upward trend toward more defendants named in filings. Read more.


4 Ways the New California Consumer Protection Act Could Affect Class Actions

January 1, 2020 marks a new era for consumer privacy with the passage of the California Consumers Protection Act. The law applies to all companies conducting business in California, and arrives on the heels of 8,804 data breaches made public since 2005. Find out what this means for both Plaintiffs and Defense.  Read more.


5 Things to Watch As a Class Action Attorney

Class action litigation continues to evolve as parties navigate new challenges, including larger class sizes, more complex claims, and new rules and guidance from courts around the country. Here are the top five things for class action attorneys to watch through 2020. Read more.

Firm News


Duff & Phelps Strengthens Claims Administration Services With Acquisition of Heffler Claims Group

Duff & Phelps, the global advisor that protects, restores and maximizes value for clients,  announced the acquisition of Heffler Claims Group, a leading settlement administrator based in the U.S. The deal builds on Duff & Phelps’ expanded business services offering, including noticing solutions and claims administration, following the firm’s March 2019 acquisition of Prime Clerk.

Through its proprietary platforms, Heffler offers client solutions for class action, mass tort and data breach administrations, including planning and implementing  notification programs, designing custom databases and websites, providing call center services, administering the claims process and handling distributions  and related escrow agent and tax services. Following the acquisition, Heffler will become part of the Business Services practice at Duff & Phelps.

Read more about Heffler's strengthened client solutions and services through Duff & Phelps.

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