Tools for Satisfying the New Northern District Requirements for Class Actions

The Northern District of California is the fourth-busiest district in the country, and maintains an influential presence in other district courts. In 2018, the district updated its Procedural Guidance for Class Action Settlements, in an effort to standardize reporting processes and memorialize the call for detailed transparency.

We've included several valuable class action resources you can access below to help you successfully navigate the new guidelines. Our leadership team is also available to answer any specific questions you may have and welcomes the opportunity to connect. Chat with them today by emailing



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Free Class Action Resources 


Checklists: Be Prepared for your Northern District Class Action Settlement

New requirements from the Northern District of California for both class action attorneys and settlement administrators are in full effect. From disclosure to post-distribution accounting, these useful checklists will help you hit all the boxes to make sure you are prepared to satisfy due process with the court. Download now.

On-Demand Webinar: Early Results from Class Action Cases Administered Under the New Northern District of CA Guidance

New guidelines from the Northern District of California, which are the most detailed in any court system in the country, outlines expectations for settlement administrators as well as class counsel. In this on-demand webinar, hear from industry vetarans who discuss what class action attorneys need to do in order to satisfy due process and more!  Watch Now.

eBook: Tools for Navigating the Settlement Process from Start to Finish

From detailed checklists to in-depth white papers, this eBook is everything you need to fill your tool belt. Whether you're new to the class action space or a seasoned class action litigator, you'll find use for this free and informative resource. Download now.


Guide: Best Practices to Consider for your Class Action Settlement Website

Class action cases tried in the Northern District of California now require a settlement website. In this information-packed guide, we cover the steps needed to set up and deploy an effective settlement website that follows industry best practices. Download now.
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Satisfying Northern District Post-Distribution Reporting Requirements

Post-distribution accounting as per the Northern District of California Procedural Guidelines for Class Action Settlements requires a shift in how data is reported to class members and the Courts throughout the administration period. Read more.


How the CCPA Could Affect Class Actions

January 1, 2020 will mark a new era for consumer privacy with the passage of the California Consumers Protection Act (CCPA). The law  applies to all companies conducting business in the Golden State and will be enforced by the Attorney General. Read more.

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Email Trends to Know for Your Class Action Settlement Notice Plan

Practitioners should be aware that effective email notice needs to keep pace with evolving consumer behaviors, which are driven by transformative changes in the media and the digital device environment.  Read more.

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How is Your Case Impacted by Northern District Guidance?

These guidelines, which are the most detailed in any court system in the country, outline expectations for settlement administrators as well as class counsel. Read more.


4 Things To Consider Before Administering Your Consumer Class Action Settlement

Consumer cases cover a broad range of settlement types and vary greatly in size, visibility, class demographics, and more. Here are some considerations to help you develop a well-planned strategy. Read more.

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Resources for New Class Action Attorneys

The class action industry is large and sometimes difficult to navigate. If you’re an attorney looking for a place to start, look no further. Even if you’ve been in the game for decades, these free resources are designed to help you navigate a class action settlement from start to finish. Read more.


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5 Things to Consider During the Class Action Settlement Administration Bid Process

The bid process to find a class action settlement administrator doesn’t need to be frustrating. There are several steps you can take, and questions you can ask, that will lead you to an apples-to-apples comparison among administrators and their pricing. Read More.

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